MeGUI 2153 Software Encode Video [30062012]

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Software andalan para encoder anime update ni, apa aja yang di update bisa di lihat pada chagelog dibawah ini.

- NeroAacEnc + DGIndexNV are now disabled by default as external dependencies are required.
- If they are already in use they will be enabled automatically, in all other cases.
- they have to be enabled in "Options\Settings\External Program Configuration".
- [AutoEncode] enabled option to set the audio language and the track name
- [MediaInfo] improved information detection for DVD sources
- [Update] if a component is missing no jobs can be started

- [Audio Encoder] cosmetics. Patch by andrewxeron929623
- [Audio Encoder] Import() will be used for AVS input files. Bug #3506283
- [Audio Encoder] NicAudio will be tried for DTS-MA decoding when DirectShowSource and FFAudioSource fail
- [AVS Script Creator] crop values will only be added to the script if necessary
- [AVS Script Creator] improved automatic cropping
- [Chapter Creator] added option to sort the title list
- [Chapter Creator] improved DVD PGC handling
- [DGA/DGI Indexer] + [MKV Muxer] + [VobSubber] added job status message during processing
- [DGI Indexer] fixed getting the film value
- [FFMS] prepared indexer for handling index files stored in other locations
- [Flac] changed input handling (PCM --> RAW) so that 24bit WAV files can be processed as well
- [HD Streams Extractor] fixed handling of English tracks in a MKV container when the track name contains a language
- [HD Streams Extractor] improved job queuing when no feature is selected
- [Job] improved aborting of jobs
- [Job] translate process exit codes to status messages
- [Log] added required DLLs to the version information block
- [Log] use system default encoding for AviSynth input script
- [MKV Muxer] adjusted (de)muxer to the recent mkvmerge changes (requires mkvmerge revision 5.3.0+)
- [MKV Muxer] improved handling of empty IDX subtitle files
- [MP4 Muxer] fixed muxing files with names containing #. Bug #3531735
- [OneClick] added some changes for the upcoming next release of the OneClick tool
- [OneClick] fixed encoding of AC3 tracks which should be muxed only
- [OneClick] fixed problem encoding WMA files
- [OneClick] fixed processing of audio files which cannot be demuxed
- [PGC Demux] added pgcdemux for DVD PGC processing
- [Progress Window] added job name. Feature request #3488205
- [Settings] cosmetics
- [VobSubber] improved detection of subtitle streams
- Fixed problems with Turkish characters in various places (e.g. in the File Indexer)

Known Problems:
- Unicode is not supported
- M2TS bitrate calculator does not calculate correct values as the specifications are not known

Download zip :
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